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Hi <br>For a really quick method , I like the Fineform formulae by Clive Holt, that gives points to a horse based on Last 2 places, if C or D rated and if in the top 3 of the newspaper form and if in the first 3 of the SP  forecast.

It is very quick to use and I have used it as a basis for a small computer program.

It works best if you bet only when the most points on the formulae is confirmed by other factors such as a top course trainer in form or a good form write up in a newspaper or a recent run or a Beaten Favourite. I also only bet if there is a minimum of at least 4 expert tips in the Racing Post Selection Box for the top rated on Fineform.

<br>This is preferable to adding points for other factors.<br>I wouldn’t use it to bet on anything with SP forecast odds shorter than 10/11 though.<br>I find that , avoiding extremely short odds almost always improves profit whichever computer program is used to select horses.  It’s the losing runs I hate and I’ve never found a way to avoid losing runs without losing value in the long term.

If only everybody would avoid short odds then the bookies would have to give punters better value.