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Hi<br>I’v been away from the computer myself.  I tend to leave horse racing alone during the mid winter period.<br>When the weather is bad I can’t pick horses to save my life.:biggrin:

Computer Systems I have experience with, that are still out there, are Boxform and Compunter.  Both of these have web sites.

Boxform allows you to choose how many ratings (1 to 6 ) to use for analysis and also allows you to set the importance of each rating.  It does not need updating and horses can be rated with or without the SP forecast.

Compunter offers several programs in once piece of software. These include the usual factors such as SP, newspaper handicap and speed ratings, form line, days since last race, trainer and  jockey parameters.<br>The trainer and jockey parameters need updating every few years or so.

Both program may be used with just a daily newspaper or a racing paper.The programs produce very similar win rates at similar overall average odds.

I find it best to use either of these in conjunction with a couple of favourite newspaper tipsters.  They also give their best results on small non-handicap races.

However I find that the results they produce are little better than those of the " Fineform formulae".  The formulae is available on many web forums for free.

I keep applying the programs to data, as part of a system, to see if I can improve profits from their use. I have also written a computer program of my own that produces results that are just as effective as the commercial programs.  It has the advantage that I can alter it in any way I wish.  Also I know exactly how much importance it gives to each parameter.:)