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from the timing of the announcement, one might speculate that the problem is seminal rather than a disinclination to go through the physical motions.

also that he passed the early, pre-covering seminal tests taken on specimens into the artificial vagina.

since it takes about two weeks to scan mares after covering, one might guess the actual problem was identified not that long before the 10 March announcement, only after the actual coverings.

its all surmise, but that’s where my money would go.

i’m sure Coolmore would love to have GW standing, producing seven figures in stallion fees this spring and shuttling income later,  with HRE doing the racing.

but its not the first time Magnier’s had, and overcome, such problems – El Gran Senor a case in point.

insurance-wise, i believe stallion infertility insurance typically pays out only where there is "total and permanent" impotence, infertility or incapability of serving mares "as a result of an accident, illness or disease incurred during the policy period."

The latter phrase is key: the problem must be shown to be caused by a specific accident, illness or disease, or there’s no pay-out under the policy.

A number of reasons then for Magnier to call in Dr Dixon Varner, the vet he named a horse after in 1990 ( I think it was Sangster who did the naming on Dr Devious).

interesting also to remind oneself that GW was bred by Roy and Gretchen Jackson, of Barbaro fame.

best regards