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I agree Ray, it was a good prospect, this is a message I posted on another forum – it sums up a few thoughts I have on the subject…

————————————————————————<br> <br>I dont want to get too sentimental about nags (given the horrendous human tragedy going on in the Gulf) but I dont think there is much respect shown to horses that die giving us our racing entertainment.

I was at Plumpton on Monday just gone, where Granby Bell broke its back at the ditch in the 4.35. It was a terrible looking accident and I was sickened by it. But that was that. No announcement at the course – no nothing.

The screens went up, it was put down, hauled onto the meat wagon and driven round the back off to the knackers yard.

We are just about to see the spectacle of Aintree in full flight and a number of horses will die, sad but inevitable.

I dont know how to honour the fallen – but I dont think it would have been inappropriate for us all to have acknowledged the end of Granby – maybe with the wagon driven slowly passed the stands and our standing to attention in silence to mark the passing of a great servant to the game.

I know racing is constantly battling with its image but this is part of the game and to sweep it under the carpet (or behing the screens) is denying a fitting end to true equine heroes! <br>