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Sure their are book makers involved, and jockeys, and owners, and punters, and members of the jokey club (sorry old gag i know….one too many c’s in the jockey club) but the reason why is the system not any interest body.

It goes on….people are allowed to get away with it…

Example…..a friend claimed a horse and it took two years to get the horse straight again…..not because it was injured but the feckin think went into withdrawal! The vet confirmed what it was on before it was claimed but of course would not put anything into writing…..

…..another comment from a trainer…..I have to use xxxxxx because everyone else is and its the only way I can win.

Until they treat horses as they treat atheletes -<br>re-introduce random stable checks (funny how that disappeared so quickly)<br>do random blood tests of horses ‘at rest'<br>ensure they know where all horses are kept in or out of training if a registered thoroughbred<br>and punish the vets involved

nothing will happen.