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Hi Bricoman my initial thought was "So what?". I didn’t mean it in any discourteous way, just that you’ve shown that all of Del’s bets when taken together are profitable, but one section of bets is MORE profitable than another.

However I then took it a little further and perhaps you have hit on something. Suppose you had not bet on the odds on shots and put the stakes you would have invested on the even money and upward shots instead?<br>From the averages you have given there appear to be roughly the same number of odds on bets as evs or better (18.46 and 19.85 per month) So simply back the Evs or better with double the stake you would normally use and you SHOULD show an increased profit for all months for the same outlay or pretty darn close anyway.<br>You have all the figures Bricoman so over to you. It’ll keep you out of mischief for a couple of hours LOL