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Hi Snowman,

I’m saying 19.85 at evens or better and 18.46 at odds on. For example…

During August 2001 there were 37 bets at evens or better, 15 of these won and accrued 32.74 pts but 22 of the bets lost, so the points overall for bets placed at evens or better during August 2001 are 10.74.

Using the same format for bets placed at odds-on during August 2001 we get… 33 bets placed, 26 were winning bets and accrued 15.99 pts, 7 were losing bets so the overall points for all bets at odds-on during August 2001 are 8.99 pts.

Now taking each month at a time, the "Points Won" V "Points Lost" figures for betting evens or better are:<br>10.74, 4.88, 3.63, -1.00, 14.97, -2.18, 12.50, 8.84, -0.38, 9.19, 6.19, 10.09 & 8.73 giving an average 6.63 pts over the 13 months.

the figures for odds-on betting are:<br>8.99, 2.26, -0.83, 1.10, -5.07, 3.98, 1.51, -3.45, 5.38, 0.31, -1.05, -2.50 & 2.73 giving an average of 1.03 pts over 13 months.

I don’t know if it’s a fluke or just the way things have panned out but when the evens and better have had negative months (3 in total), the odds-on bets have had positive months, and Visa Versa. So the weakness of odds-on betting are amplified in the figures shown.

Hope this answers your question Snowman.



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