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Hi Everyone,

I managed to download Del’s spreadsheets from his new website, so I have spent all this morning going through them with a fine toothcomb.

Taking all his data into account and adding my own to bring it up to the end of Feb – Ive noticed something quite obvious…

It will be more profitable to bet on the one’s that are quoted as Evens or better!

On average there were 19.85 bets a month (9 winning bets), making 17.48 pts and loosing 10.85 pts, giving 6.63 pts average with 3 loosing months.

Whereas, there were 18.46 odds-on bets (13 winning bets), making 6.49 pts, and loosing 5.46 pts, giving 1.03 pts average with 5 loosing months.

Anyone got any thought’s – I just thought I would open the debate.:) Hope it all makes sense!!



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