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Everyone seems to be having a go at everyone else here – I feel like getting a soft perm and running around saying Caalm down! Caalm down! in a scouse accent.

I really can’t see where or indeed what the problem is or was.

Del has developed a truly successful system. True Mr E it’s along the same lines as others but it nevertheless is uniquely his. He then very kindly shared it with systemites at TRF and apparently other forums.

Those of us that read the original thread all know the way to work out selections.

Del has now decided that he does not wish to share it with future readers and has removed the rules as is his right. In addition he has asked those of us that know the selection procedure, as a matter of courtesy, not to divulge them.

However Del has said that we may continue to post selections indeed he re-iterated that sentiment a few posts ago at 08.56am today.

So why all the shouting guys?

I agree that if the system rules are elsewhere for all to see, that it may seem churlish to remove links from this forum, but, Matron is doing the honourable thing by acquiescing to Del’s request.

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