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Actually, JAR, your system is doing quite well even though it is showing a small loss, almost breaking even.

I think you are right in saying that the sample you gave is quite small: too small to draw any conclusions about the relative merits of each method.

I’m not sure that racing is any more competitive than it used to be, but it’s certainly a lot straighter than it was when I first became involved. There is also much more information available which should have made punting easier, but the layers are always a few steps ahead of the vast majority of punters. They employ their own experts who have access to all the information we have, plus a lot more. They also know when the right money is down which is a big advantage.

I don’t think any simplistic systems based on information in ordinary newspapers are any use, although plenty of people will tell you they are. The Fineform formula is ok for quickness and will provide a steady stream of fair priced winners, but it’s almost certain to produce a loss in the long term.

I think Adrian Massey is very good and has a logical approach to pure form analysis, but his methods can be improved upon. Over quite a long period his selections do better than most tipsters. He has shown that selecting the right races to bet in can make all the difference if you are relying purely on form.

Best of luck with your quest to find ‘your’ system that you are happy with. It might take you quite a time, but it’ll be worth it in the end.