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I could name the computer program used but as it is a commercial product I will not do so because of libel laws.

If fact the computer program did so poorly that I dropped it from my analysis.<br>At present I am running 4 remaining comparisons.  I pick a race at random from all types of race with less than 14 runners where all the horses have at least 3 race placings.<br>I then check each race and note the following for it.<br>The Adrian Massey Top rated.<br>The Fineform Top rated.<br>My Own System Top rated<br>A specific newspaper tipster choice.

Results so far from 170 £10 bets:

Adrian Massey £366 loss<br>Fineform  Ãƒâ€šÃ‚£412 loss<br>My System £22 loss<br>Newspaper tipster £594 loss.

It is early days yet and the positions of each selection method may change.<br>What I have seen so far indicates the poor predictive ability of commercial computer programs.  This surprised me to say the least.  I shall continue my analysis to see if tipsters or fineform perform any better than my own system, the rules of which are writtten on two sides of A4 paper.