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I’ve just finished a small run of wagers to compare selection methods.<br>I bet on 65 races using the following five methods:

A Massey top rated<br>My daily paper tipster selections<br>A national paper internet tipster selections<br>A commercial computer program<br>The fineform formulae top rated.

Results were as follows<br>A Massey = 11 wins 53 lost<br>Daily Paper = 15 wins 50 lost<br>Internet = 13 wins 52 lost<br>Computer program = 8 wins 57 lost<br>Fineform top rated = 17 wins 48 lost

The computer program picked horses at much higher odds but still had a lower return on investment than the other programs.<br>The other programs all picked horses at approximately the same average odds.<br>The quickest and easiest to use Fineform method produced the most profit from this sample.

Although this sample is too small yet for the results to be significant, I was surprised that fineform beat all including major newspaper tipsters selections and a commercial computer program.