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william winalot
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If the RACINGPOST are going to have Pay Per View.

Then it would probably be cheaper to go and buy the<br>Racingpost Paper.And you would have these copies for reference.

Jar.I will let you in on a little SECRET,

It is very easy to get into a site,if you know what you are doing,{ read between the lines }ANY site can be entered,even sites that have Passwords,Usernames.

Look at it this way,Programmers had to make a program for the site,if you were a Programmer,then you would have the same knowledge has them.You would know the Ins and Outs of programing.

If I so wished I could get INTO ANY site.But I would do so only for MY OWN benefit,never for others.

I am presently working on a program for Mick O Soft {Irish Pun} to STOP just what I can do.Also another program to stop Virus Intrusion.

In my opinion,if you were registered with the RACINGPOST site before they start charging,I do not think that they would DELETE you from their Database,as they must have hundreds of thousands of registered users.If they deleted everyone that did not want to pay,they would decrease the value of their site.And their advertisers would not advertise on their site.

I do not think you have anything to worry about yet.

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