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Hi all<br>I’ve just noticed that the Racing Post are messing about with their website again.  They have now split the racecards into two sections so that Postdata information and the main body of the racecard is separate when viewed on screen.  Also if your computer is not set at the correct time and date the site sometimes refuses to work.

It seems harder and slower to look at the racecards and data.  I would not be suprised if very soon you have to pay to look at print-outs from this site in print so small you almost need a magnifying glass to read it.

It takes long enough to input data into a computer for a basic analysis without making it even more difficult to get the data in the first place.

If they take the fun out of horse racing by making it so difficult and time consuming to read the data , people may as well put money on the lottery.  

***** Sorry Again *****

Forget about the above. the Postdata information is now back with the main racecard information.  It seems that the Racing Post had yet another problem with their website. ( Which has been solved, for now at least!!! I don’t think the "Kiss" principle is recognised by Racing Post web page designers.)  I think that now just the Selection Box is missing, perhaps that will reappear tomorrow?

I really wish there was a simple website in which each separate racecard had a form rating and a speed rating, plus a number of expert tips for each horse, plus its last 6 race placings, and also noted if each horse is suited to the going, and distance and if its trainer is in form on one simple web page that I could save or print.  

I do not want to print all the racecards for a meeting when I simply wish to bet on one race nor do I wish to become an Acrobat Reader Expert in order to save a racecard.  What happens when Acrobat Reader saves something and then won’t reload it for viewing? How many non-experts know why this can happen and what to do when it does?

It looks as if the Racing Post web site will become even more complex.  I am sure that this will put off some potential users simply because many people are not comfortable with the use of every piece of computer software.  A website must be simple to use for the general public.

I am sure some people out there will have a different view, experts often cannot understand why the uninitiated are not comfortable with a piece of software they can use in their sleep.

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