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william winalot
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<br>670 CLS:KEY OFF<br>680 OPEN "RUNNERS" FOR INPUT AS #1<br>690 INPUT #1,A<br>700 CLOSE<br>710 OPEN "WEIGHT" FOR OUTPUT AS #1<br>720 FOR B=1 TO A<br>730 INPUT "HORSES WEIGHT ",A$<br>740 IF A$="10.00" THEN C=140<br>750 IF A$="9.13" THEN C=139<br>760 IF A$="9.12" THEN C=138<br>770 IF A$="9.11" THEN C=137<br>780 IF A$="9.10" THEN C=136<br>790 IF A$="9.09" THEN C=135<br>800 IF A$="9.08" THEN C=134<br>810 IF A$="9.07" THEN C=133<br>820 IF A$="9.06" THEN C=132<br>830 IF A$="9.05" THEN C=131<br>840 IF A$="9.04" THEN C=130<br>850 IF A$="9.03" THEN C=129<br>860 IF A$="9.02" THEN C=128<br>870 IF A$="9.01" THEN C=127<br>880 IF A$="9.00" THEN C=126<br>890 IF A$="8.13" THEN C=125<br>900 IF A$="8.12" THEN C=124<br>910 IF A$="8.11" THEN C=123<br>920 IF A$="8.10" THEN C=122<br>930 IF A$="8.09" THEN C=121<br>940 IF A$="8.08" THEN C=120<br>950 IF A$="8.07" THEN C=119<br>960 IF A$="8.06" THEN C=118<br>970 IF A$="8.05" THEN C=117<br>980 IF A$="8.04" THEN C=116<br>990 IF A$="8.03" THEN C=115<br>1000 IF A$="8.02" THEN C=114<br>1010 IF A$="8.01" THEN C=113<br>1020 IF A$="8.00" THEN C=112<br>1030 IF A$="7.13" THEN C=111<br>1040 IF A$="7.12" THEN C=110<br>1050 IF A$="7.11" THEN C=109<br>1060 IF A$="7.10" THEN C=108<br>1070 IF A$="7.09" THEN C=107<br>1080 IF A$="7.08" THEN C=106<br>1090 IF A$="7.07" THEN C=105<br>1100 IF A$="7.06" THEN C=104<br>1110 IF A$="7.05" THEN C=103<br>1120 IF A$="7.04" THEN C=102<br>1130 IF A$="7.03" THEN C=101<br>1140 IF A$="7.02" THEN C=100<br>1150 IF A$="7.01" THEN C=99<br>1160 IF A$="7.00" THEN C=98<br>1170 D=C+D:E=D/A<br>1180 PRINT #1,B,C<br>1190 NEXT<br>1200 CLOSE<br>1210 CLS:KEY OFF<br>1220 PRINT "                       AVERAGE WEIGHT=";E<br>1230 PRINT "——————————————————————————-"<br>1240 OPEN "WEIGHT" FOR INPUT AS #1<br>1250 OPEN "WGHT" FOR OUTPUT AS #2<br>1260 INPUT #1,X,Y<br>1270 IF Y>=E THEN PRINT "                  HORSE";X;"ABOVE AVERAGE WEIGHT";Y<br>1280 IF Y>=E THEN PRINT #2,X<br>1290 IF EOF(1) THEN CLOSE:GOTO 1310<br>1300 GOTO 1260<br>1310 PRINT:PRINT:PRINT:PRINT:PRINT "                     PRESS ANY KEY TO CONTINUE"<br>1320 A$=INPUT$(1)<br>1330 RUN "ODDS.BAS"