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Hi Matron

I do not use on-line bookmakers, not for any strong reason.<br>I simply don’t like betting with the same bookmaker who is at liberty to close a winning account if he wishes.<br>I prefer to use several bookmakers.<br>Although the nearest is over a mile away, there are in fact six of these bookmakers in a sort of arc.

Also-<br>I like to see the winnings – as cash – in my own sweaty little hand after a bet.<br>It’s more satisfying somehow.

An ideal betting method for me would be something like the method in P.Kilgallons book "How to beat the Handicapper".  This consist of only 40 bets per year and<br>it picks 50% winners at odds such as 3/1, 5/1, 7/2, 7/1, 8/1 etc.

I’ve read the book and I still don’t know how he does it!<br>I’ve tried to do it papertrading and then gone broke!

I simply do not put cash down for real unless a system first makes money for me, papertrading only.<br>So I return to backing selected favourites the only method that works for me.


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