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Have you discovered any factors that lead to your wins, and those that lead to losses?

Do the computer systems you use specialise in particular race types?

Many moons ago, I purchased the Brimardon system, well before the prices were hiked up.  The software asked particular questions depending on the race type.  For example, for hurdles, one question was for races over 2m6f.

I imagine each system is stronger for some race types and conditions than others.  It might be worthwhile keeping a log of the selections made, and the conditions of the race.  After a suitable review period, you might be able to spot the systems strength.  Based on these findings, you should add value by applying some external logic such as Spotform’s selections for PostData’s ticks.  There is always your gut feel too, which you should also document.

Without keeping a history I would keep making the same mistakes each year, or cycle of years.  I am re-reading all the books I have purchased, and notes I have taken.  Hopefully, profit is on the horizon!

Best of luck,

Looking For A Winner.