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Hi, sorry I have not put up the rest of the system yet but here is the rest.

flat part<br>wt. carried on previous outings<br>above 9st add 1pt per pound<br>below 9st deduct 1pt per pound<br>amateur races work from 11st<br>ladies races work from 9st 7lb

type of race                     ratings + or -<br>handicap                          + 10pts<br>apprentice h’cap              +  7pts<br>non h’cap                         +    3pts<br>non h’cap apprentise       +  2pts <br>maiden                             =<br>auction or claiming           =<br>handicap seller                 –  4pts<br>non h’cap seller                –  14pts

number of runners in previous race<br>7 runners deduct 2pts<br>6 runners deduct 3pts<br>5 runners deduct 5pts<br>4 runners deduct 8pts<br>3 runners deduct 11pts do not rate any under 3 runners

5-7fur  1 length = 3pts, 3/4 & 1/2 lengths = 2pts, nk,hd,sh =1pts<br>8-13fur  1 length = 2pts, 3/4 & 1/2 lengths = 1pt<br>14+fur   1length  = 1pt

maximum winning distance table<br>5-7fur max = 3 lengths<br>8-10fur max = 5 lengths<br>11-14fur max = 7 lenths<br>15+fur max = 9 lenths

days since ran<br>30-59 days deduct 3pts<br>60-89 days deduct 6pts<br>90+ days    deduct 13pts

weight to be carried today<br>above 9st deduct 1pt per lb<br>below 9st deduct 1pt per lb<br>amateur races work from 11st<br>ladies races work from 9st 7lb

using form from abroad<br>irish racing deduct 5pts<br>french racing deduct 3pts<br>italian racing deduct 10pts<br>any other country minus 14 pts

The idea is to start the rating from the second horse and rate from there.

I got this all including the monatry value on a A4 paper that is why I had trouble putting it on a site before it all srambled together.

dave jay  the first post was the start of the system using the race value in pts to form a rating, this was a computer system that somebody had changed to manual. now it is the other way round

I have never used it properly I only use the first part  with the class of the race and racecourse class to compare todays race with a  previous race. <br>                                                    Barry