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Hi Evergreen,  I use the Class of the race (ie a,b,c ect) and the course group. The basic rating is taken from the speed fig. in the Raceform Update and add values of the other 2. If you start with H on zero then go 7 for G, 14 for F and add 7pts per class then the course it ran on ie group 1, group 2, group 3, and group 4. I use 4pts differance for each group. The figs are up to you but I ham just giving you an example. I hope this is clear to you but I am useless on a computer, I also have a way of changeing the race value (money) to a rating but it is beyond me to put it on the board, I have tried before but always failed. If one of the moniters of the forum a address to send it to I will do so.   Barry