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dave jay
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Quite so MrE, reading back through my posts here I haven’t given you alot to go on have I? A bit unfair me thinking you might be a psychic, sorry mate!

I’ll try again;<br>Tipster Staking vs. %Staking

The % staking philosophy goes something like this; the shorter the price on offer the larger the stake, because the shorter priced selections have a higher probability of winning. Thus the bank is protected by not wasting money on longer priced selections, well, that’s the idea.

The Tipsters referred to earlier, however, seem to have a different philosophy. They bet bigger when the odds are longer, I assume by doing this they try to exploit the odds on offer in their favour, thereby extending their profits. Using shorter priced horse to pay for the longer priced bets.

For example, say there are 3 selections;<br>Horse A….F-SP…11/4<br>Horse B….F-SP….7/1<br>Horse C….F-SP….9/1<br>The % staking punter would bet bigger on horse A and shorter on horse C.<br>It appears that the Tipster would stake the opposite.

This is a little staking method that I came up with;

A…11/4 (2.75)..divided by 3 = 0.8….stake 1 point<br>B..7/1 (7)….divided by 3 = 2.1….stake 2 points<br>C….9/1 (9)….divided by 3 = 3….stake 3 points

This is more of a staking method than a staking plan as such and so long as you aren’t selecting a disproportionate amount of outsiders or slaving away with near favourites, profits can be increased dramatically with one or two winners a month. And you only sustain minor damage if they don’t oblige.

I assume from your previous posts MrE that you ignore the selection price, so long as it’s longer than 2/1 and you incrementally increase your stakes in a VDW style? Your betting strategy is to be admired MrE and alot of punters would be wise to take note of what you have written there. You control the greed factor and still manage to turn a handsome profit, not easy.