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dave jay
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Well ,what an interesting series of posts. It’s only here that you can get such a good debate….TRF…Truely Rocks Fellas…!

I generally agree with everything that you have said MrE and I think a good toe-stepping on, doesn’t do anybody any harm every now and then.

Personally, I bet at a similar level as yourself MrE. But working as a Consultant I get laid off quite regularly, normally every couple of years. The lay offs can be quite long because my job is specialised, it’s during these times that I ramp my stakes up and earn my wages punting. I try not to stay in this situation for too long as it can be quite stressful, when your depending on the money to keep your family afloat. A couple of people in my family suppliment their incomes in the same way as you and I. I believe that this is the way to make money at punting, doing it in this way, you keep yourself and racing in perspective.

I hope that the point of how the Tipsters stakes wasn’t lost on you, I studied their methods for quite a while and came up with…..

Divide the selection F-SP by 3 and round down to nearest whole number, lower limit 1 upper limit 4.

For example;<br>December just gone, my best system returned:<br>Bets: 33 Win: 12 LSP: +27.55 ROI: 83% (£137.75 @ £5)

With the above staking method:<br>VSP: +76.55 Points: 45 ROI: 170% (£382.75 @ £5)

Stakes were increased from 33 points to 45 points, stakes were increased by 36% but profits by 177%.

You should seriously consider running this against any results you have MrE. Using a £500 bank, 1 pt = £5 or 2% of your first half bank. If your selection method doesn’t rely on picking favourites I think you may be suprised at the returns you get, you’ll have to let me know what you think!

The 5% bank is a waste of time:o agreed.

Grimes, I’ll be loading up next week.