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dave jay
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MrE, that’s one of the most incisive posts I’ve ever read regarding staking:clap:

I think you hit the nail on the head several times, it’s down to what the individual can cope with financially and psychologically. The problem being that the individual doesn’t know what he can cope with until he tries it, therein lies the mystery.

Tipsters, I would say break down into two categories, there’s the Speed Rating Merchants who I would say are scientific and then there’s Spotlight type Tipster who I would call non-scientific. I wouldn’t pay for bets from either camp because I reckon I’m better than than any of them, not in a concieted way, but if I didn’t think like that then I wouldn’t bother betting at all. Picking winners is what punting is all about and staking plans are only there to manage your resources and enhance profits. I think people who use Tipsters for their selections are off-loading the selection responsibility, which is a good thing. But when you look back over a period of time, Tipsters advertise their profits in years a point which could be overlooked.

I know that alot of people look to factor their staking looking for a return on investment, of say 10%, and it seems all of the rage at the moment to quote your profit like that. This seems to come from the scientific  camp and I would suggest that it doesn’t work, unless your betting 1000’s of pounds a week. For example, if you are factoring your stakes and you get 10% profit and you want to make £600 a week profit, then you have to stake £6000 a week, or £1000 a day. Just to stand still, I don’t think so!

On the other hand the non-scientific camp quote their profits in points and bet in points, this I believe is more realistic. Mel Collier, Nick Fox, Henry Rix and the like are all points. Even ‘Odds Shop’ as above is points. The problem with these services of course is that they don’t tell you before hand how many points you are going to need, to get into profit over a year, or if you’ll get a profit at all.

I know alot of you lot will think I’m talking out the back of my head, pulease feel free to say so and why:biggrin: