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I’d agree with you steve, I think War Of Attrition has been written off by most already just because he hasn’t performed that well on ground that he obviously dislikes. He will probably be my bet in the race (if the ground is good).

SirHarry, although the fences at Cheltenham may be a LITTLE more forgiving at Cheltenham these days, they will be much stiffer than those at Newbury and Kempton, either of those mistakes at Cheltenham would have seen him on the deck IMO. I’ve always thought Wincanton had some of the stiffest fences in the country with Cheltenham not far behind….. but there are quite a few jumps tracks that i haven’t been to.

It must be concentration that effects Kauto, i can’t see any other reason for it. Both time he had the race in the bag and just seemed to forget what his job was for a split second. At Newbury it looked to me as if he tried to put another stride in MID AIR. Nicholls and Walsh have said he is always perfect at home, so i find it hard to believe how they will iron out these problems. If he doesn’t make the mistakes at home, how can they teach him not to?

Maybe Ruby will wait longer and not hit the front until they are jumping the last.

Maybe this is a stupid idea and i very much doubt it would be considered but if it is a concentration problem, would ear plugs help?

With his stamina looking like it will see him home, but iwe still can’t be 100% sure he will stay this longer trip around Cheltenham.

It’s going to be the normal Beef Or Salmon question for me, and i would have thought for many on here. I didn’t back him last year but in years previous i have. If he goes and wins this year everyone will be kicking themselves…….. all it needs is the penny to finally drop in England and he will go very close, if not winning. What is it with him and England though?????? It is a complete mystery.

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