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I’m not convinced by the "if KS stands up, he wins" argument.

I’d say "if KS doesn’t hit any too hard, he probably wins".

However, WOA shouldn’t be written off if the ground is good. He’s not had his ground in his last couple of races and would be a different animal on the good.

If the ground goes the other way and there’s a strong pace on, I could even imagine L’Ami taking the race.

(particularly if the combo of soft+gold cup trip finds the end of KS’ stamina)

ED could be in the places, but I can’t see him beating KS if KS gets a clear round and stays.

BoS is a tremendous chaser, but this isn’t his place and he’ll run way below his ability as usual.

There’s an interesting set of "ifs" in the GC and it should be a fascinating race.

(it’s a pity Kicking King isn’t in there)    


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