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Well was last years gold cup any good??  Why should this one be any better??r

War of attention, who doesnt win that many races but jumps and stays quite well wins from Hedgehunter.  Is the  latter a classy Grade 1, 3 mile chaser?  They open up a big gap to Forget the Past who was a nonstayer and lami, who we wont surely be ever calling a top 3 mile chaser either..or are we?

IMO, and without wishing to start any debates on Beef Or Salmon, he is essentially still wining and competeing well in races in Ireland despite getting older,  is partly because there are not too many genuine soft ground tolerating grade 1 horses around and the gold cup shows us that the situation might be worse for good ground grade 1 horses.  T

This gold cup should be between KS and WOA simply because the rest are good handicappers at best.  Perhaps we can add In Compliance to the list but we have to wait and see if he stays…a comment that applys to the favourite but at least the evidence looks stronger.

This is no golden era, thats for sure.