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Quote: from Seagull on 11:55 am on Feb. 10, 2007[br]I have already stated I dont know what date this insurance was taken out.<br>So it is clear the ‘minnimum 10/1 quote’ are your words and not mine.<br>If it was just before Christmas it would have proved to be a prudent move and if anyone wanted to insure this risk this morning the cost would be even higher.<br>After Newbury today it could even be higher still.

As I have already stated the source of information concerning race horses especially with Paul Nichollls is far far better than most.<br>Despite your claim to have worked in the horse insurance industry and also insuring risks such as this you have failed to state what premium you would have charged after Haydock and before Kempton and also after Kempton with just the final leg to go.

<br>So you think what you like.

PS Smithy, I remember you as failing to take up my offer of a bet up to a £1,000 (which I was willing to deposit with the owners of this website) with you concerning the  Brendan Duke stable making a level stake profit on the season a few years ago despite your rantings here that you would win you failed to come up with any stake.

To remind you in case you forgot you would have lost that one.;)  

As I have said, I would be amazed if, prior to Haydock, if a figure in excess of 15% (even that seems very high – 10% would have been my initial thought) would have been quoted.

I am thrilled for you that you know Andy Stewart – I really am – but if you come on here quoting figures of 250k, it would be nice to have some meat on the bones.