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Quote: from reet hard on 8:17 am on Feb. 12, 2007[br]If there is one thing that is absolutely clear about BoS, it is that he isn’t Gold Cup standard, and never has been.<br>He is fine pot-hunting in mickey mouse races round the gaffes in Ireland, but every single time he has been asked to race at a championship pace, on proper ground, he has been found to lack the pace to even be a threat. Real champions don’t do that.<br>

Leopardstown and Punchestown are gaffe tracks holding mickey-mouse Gr1 races are they? The same gaffe tracks that Moscow Flyer, Kicking King, War of Attrition, Brave Inca, Hardy Eustace, Limestone Lad, Native Upmanship all ran on before going over to Cheltenham or Aintree.

And lets have a quick glance at some of BoS Gr1 wins  

09-Feb-03 LEO Yld/Sft: beat Harbour Pilot 5 lengths who later went on to finish 3rd to Best Mate in the Gold Cup 6 weeks later<br>07-Dec-03 PUN Yld: beat Tiutchev 3.5 lengths who than ran 2nd to Edredon Bleu in the King George 3 weeks later

28-Apr-04 PUN Gd: beat Harbour Pilot 4 lengths after HP had finished 3rd in the Gold Cup only 6 weeks earlier

12-Feb-06 LEO Yld: beat Hedgehunter 7 lengths before HH went on to finish 2nd in both the Gold Cup and the National.

All the above races were Gr1 which were run on going better than Sft so lets dispel the bulls**t<br> myth that the horse needs bottomless ground to be at his best.

The issue of not being a good traveller is completely separate to not being a Gr1 standard 3-miler

He has also beaten 3 Gold Cup winners and a National winner when these horses were in their prime.

How many English horses have done that?<br>How many English horses have won 10 Gr1s?<br>How many English horses have won 9 Gr1s like Brave Inca who also doesn’t get the recognition he deserves from you or clivex because why?

Edited to say:

It just really p**s
es me off when horses don’t get the recognition they deserve.  Any horse with a decent level of ability can win a Gr1 either by default or otherwise (even a GC, Ch Ch, or Ch Hdl). But a bad horse doesn’t win multiple Gr1s. Just as Best Mate doesn’t get the credit he deserves because bad horses (even those wrapped in cotton wool) don’t win 3 Gold Cups.

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