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Cheltenham 1.10 – Darapour 1pt – Lost <br>1.45 – Storm Damage – 1pt ew  3rd at 6/1 <br>2.20 – Spectrometer – 1pt – 1st yipee 4/1<br>2.55 – Horus – 1pt 1st 5/2<br>3.25 – no selection

Doncaster 2.30 – Friedhelmo – 1ptLost

I ahve a theory that if there is more than one selection and there is a significant difference in weight carried between the two ( 10 pounds +), then the next selection down that is carrying at least 10 pounds less should also be considered?? Does any of that make sense?:o

eg at Cheltenham today<br>1.10 Darapour is carrying 11-2. Both Uncle Mick and Live the Dream meet the other criteria, but Uncle Mick carries 10 pounds less, live the dream carries 12 pounds less.<br>So a trial selection of 1pt ew on Uncle Mick Lost

In the 1.45 only 9 pounds between spectrometer and the quads And the Quads won @ 6/1- so maybe 10 pouns difference is too much

2.20 – Telimar Prince has ? on going and only 3 pounds less than spectrometer. but he managed 2nd at 7/1 But Zamat is 1 stone 4 less so trial selection of 1pt ew.<br>(Scullys Hope 4th @ 12/1 & Coultard carry even less weight)

2.55 – Horus is 11-4, quite a few fit the criteria but Kit Smartie is 9 pounds less. However he has a ? on going so 1pt ew may prove to be a bit risky 4th @ 16/1but not enough runners, the others that fitted the criteria were Ballinclay King  3rd at 16/1 and Bramblehill Duke 2nd at 16/1

At Doncaster Lauderdale is only 8 pounds lighter than Friedhelmo. and he was 2nd at 10/1<br>I won’t include these trial selections in the running total today but it will interesting to see if any of these longer odds run into a place.<br>I think using the topweight of all my selections is not the best  as proved by some of the ‘other’ ones today – will think of this over the weekend.

opening bank 10 pts <br>total bets 57 pts <br>total winnings 81.00 <br>bank as at 13/12 34 points

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