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Hi Sacha,<br>Perhaps another angle is to look at the horses previous race this should indicate if the animal is being asked too much of a question-this can be indicated by Class of race and prize money.

1.40 Lud-D Hcp Ch £10003<br>Lanmire Tower-previous C Hcp £5432<br>Putsometnby-previous Irish Chase £8972 and before that 2nd in a £51748 seems to indicate it is held in high regard.<br>Id go with Putsomentby…f/c 9/4<br>___________________________________________<br>2.10 Ludlow-2m E Hcp H-£4056<br>Reverse Swing-previous-E Hcp H-£3494<br>Star of Wonder-previous-G Sell-£2765<br>I’d go with Reverse Swing as it not being asked to a great deal more than previous run…f/c 9/2<br>_____________________________________________<br>3.15 Lud-2m4f D Am Hcp Ch-£6695<br>Canadiane-previous 2nd in a D Hcp Ch-£6776<br>I’d make this a tentative selection because of its form with Cape Stormer but a selection it is___________________________________________2.30 Taunton-2m3f E Hcp Ch-£3562<br>Needwood Lion-previous race D HcpCh £5001<br>This actually appears to be a drop in grade and connections look keen to follow up.<br>_____________________________________________<br>12.45 Hunt-Bay Island-3m E Hcp CH-£3721<br>Bay Island-previous e Hcp £4006-again not being asked  a searching question unless the handicapper has caught up with the gelding.<br>_____________________________________________

Just a few suggestions maybe.Hope you dont mind.Good basic idea "ascending form".

Good Luck-kersly