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Thanks for the tips Davejay. Stupiedly I haven’t been keeping track of other info – so will start today!<br>Todays selections<br>Huntingdon 12.45 – Bay Island 1pt – lost (only 3rd)<br>1.50 – no selection<br>2.50 – Nick the Jewel – 1pt – 1st 8/11

Ludlow 1.10 – no selection<br>1.40 – Lanmire Tower 1 pt (was only 4th but was 8-1)<br>2.10 – Reverse Swing (going a ?) – 1pt – lost<br>(I am not including the amateur riders as I don’t class that as a proper race!)

Taunton 2.00 – no selection<br>2.30 – Needwood Lion 1pt – 2nd<br>3.05 – no selection

Nearly forgot to add the banks position<br>opening bank 10 pts <br>total bets 51 pts <br>total winnings 70.00 <br>bank as at 11/12 29<br>(Edited by sacha at 4:56 pm on Dec. 12, 2002)<br>

(Edited by sacha at 8:52 am on Dec. 13, 2002)