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dave jay
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Hi sacha, MrE is right, you should keep going and just keep amassing information. The more information you keep the better your system analysis is going to be later on. For example you are not recording horses that have an ‘X’ for Going ability. But if you don’t have previous results how can you know that this is a bad factor and then if it is bad, how bad? It might even be good in the long run. Personally, I make up a little sheet with columns along the top of it when I’m starting something new and record all of the things I think will influence the return.

On a brighter note I do have some records for the system type you are doing here. Not exactly the same but along the same lines. On the flat form ‘1111’ always produces a profit, year in and year out, for as long as I can remember. On the jumps ‘111x’ (x = U/P) is the same. The Tipster in the Mail (Gimcrack – I think) combines the last 2 results for his tips and he does alright.

I think that you will also find that this is more profitable in bigger fields than smaller ones.

Keep going and don’t let a few losers put you off. If I require assistance don’t be shy:biggrin: