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I’ll have to do tomorrows selections without knowing the forecast prices or RP opinion on whether they go on the ground or not, but still 1pt to win unless greater than 6/1 forecast in which case 1pt ew.<br>This could really test the bank as there are so many selections! Lets hope I make a least a little profit ;) <br>Warwick<br>12.25 – Mashhoor – Lost 1pt ew<br>2.00 – Duchamp – Lost 1pt<br>3.10 – Zaggy Lane – Lost 1 pt ew<br>Chepstow<br>1.20 – Master of Illusion – lost 1pt<br>1.50 – Beauchene-lost 1pt<br>2.20 – no selection<br>Sandown<br>12.50 – Dunston Bill-lost 1pt<br>1.25 – Chief Cashier-lost 1pt<br>3.05 – Mr Cool-lost 1pt<br>3.40- Majestic Bay-3rd 8/1 1 pt ew

Oh dear – not very succesful.

opening bank 10 pts<br>total bets 33 pts<br>winnings 64pts<br>total bank as at 7/12 41 pts<br>

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