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Hi Mr E,<br>I can see the confusion caused,It would clarify matters if selections noted originally ignored the Postdata selection and worked on the 6 positives available in the ratings<br>Topspeed"latest" "best" and "adjusted" the same with Postmark.The two to concentrate on are the"latest"and"adjusted" ratings,Quite simply if a horse is top rated in both "latest" and "adjusted"in both Topspeed and Postmark it is a selection.<br>For future reference perhaps note also if it had the highest"best"rating.Also record if it was the Postdata selection purely to see if in the long term it has any effect.<br>Many times one of the ratings is missing from TS or PM particularly "adjusted" TS I tried to work this into the selection procedure but it can become confusing.The idea was to try and spot the unexposed animals with superior ratings.For example a horse that has in TS no "latest" or"adjusted" rating only a"best" that is superior to any other type of rating,this coupled with being top rated in the 3 sections of PM could still mean it may have an advantage over its rivals.<br>Example<br>Topspeed .."latest"-"best"87 top-"adjusted-<br>Postmark…."latest"Top rated"best"top"adjusted"-top.

I think I better leave it there.Todays possible selection (Seixo Branco)is reasonably easy to spot it has everything in its favour(7 positives) and is I’m told very strongly fancied by Elite.

Good Luck-kersly:biggrin:   <br>

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