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Hi, I suspected that it might be a crappy day, you get that feeling sometimes dontcha, but we came out of it pretty well considering…… OK then, as it turned out Flight of Esteem (5/4) was never a bet for us because of its failure to reach 2/1. The same goes for My Last Bean where the betting went 7/4.. 15/8.. 7/4.. 13/8…   at no time did I see the magical 2/1…. so on Kers Paper version we had a NO BET and the Online version produced 2 losers and a winner @ 10/3, so were still bobbing along……..<br>JANUARY….                 PAPER                       ONLINE

04                              ——–                           9/1 <br>07                               LOST                           LOST <br>08                                 2/1                            —— <br>10                                 3/1                             3/1 <br>                                     2/1                            ——<br>11                               ——-                          LOST<br>                                   ——-                          LOST<br>                                   ………                          10/3

<br>Level Stakes….            +  6                            +   12.33 <br>Staircase…..                +  8                            +   21

<br>MrE <br>