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Hi all, I’m with Kers today 100%, follow him into the heart of Valhalla. This day we stand side by side Kers my friend and we will wield some hefty blows to the enemy……. but only if 2/1 is available…… hehehehe…..<br>They look good today (famous last words)……

1.15 South..     Red Delirium..                  1st @  3/1<br>1.45 South..     Typhoon Todd..               1st @  2/1<br>3.45 South..     Indian Steppes..                  LOST

Oops, forgot to say that the Online version agrees with 1.15 and 3.45 but NOT 1.45…. so 2 bets only for the Online followers…..


Indian Steppes never reached 2/1 at any stage so was never a bet for us…….


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