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Say hello to this thicko thats writing this cos I’m getting lost again…. I think Kers selections will be as the previous posting but with an extra one……<br>2.15 South..    Orangerie….          NO BET<br>so I think he’ll have 4 today. The only reason I’ve chucked Orangerie in is that, although I have my doubts, it seems to be the same as the Tommy Nutter bet the other day…… please check Kersly’s thread before following these…… whatever, if Kers picks these, they are all bets providing they come within our price stipulation (no less than 4/5)…… catch you all on Sunday…..

Well we ended up with only one bet today (Ballycassidy) and that lost….. so the run of results at present are..

3/1.. L.. L.. L.. 5/2.. 4/5.. L.. L.. <br>:smiley: :smiley:


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