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The ONLINE version selects 3 for Friday…..

12.35 South..    Ballycassidy.                   LOST<br>3.00 Sand..       Valley Henry.               1st @  8/13<br>3.20 South..      Kali Des Obeaux.            LOST

I think that the latter two will be too short to bet although I do rate all three of ’em…. I will bet each and any of ’em that I can get no less than 4/5 for……..

Only Ballycassidy ended up a bet because the others never reached the price required….<br>ONLINE Results.. L.. L.. L.. L.. 1/1.. 5/2.. 4/5.. L.. L.. L.. 8/13.. L….

My Choice..  L.. L.. 5/2.. 4/5.. L..<br>:smiley:


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