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dave jay
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snowman, you make a valid point very well. I think you would be correct if someone bought a system with a staking plan and followed it in a slave like manner. This will probably be the way with most people.

Another aspect of systems that I don’t like is systems addiction, or serial system user syndrome. A friend of mine got caught up in this a few years ago. He ended up jumping from system to system, day to day and even race to race. He finished up at GA after losing everything, not just financially, a very sad story with an even sadder end.

Personnaly, I wouldn’t use a system I didn’t invent myself or hadn’t been recommended to me and assessed for over a year. Operating in this way you can’t dodge responsibility, not to contradict your point, but to agree with it completely.

Funny, I started this thread to talk about the psychology of systems, because I feel it can give you a positive edge, which it does for me. But when I think about it, there can be a serious down side with life ruining potential.

Therefore, it may be a little irresponsible to only talk of the up-side without mentioning the down-side of systems betting. I think my approach is unique to me and your approach must be unique to you, that alone is a lesson. So thank you for your input because I’ll go to bed a little wiser than when I got out of it this morning.

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