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Hi Dave,<br>First of all thanks for the analysis,one point that immeadiately springs to mind is that supporting anything Evens or below is going to be a hard slog.There doesnt appear to be a large increase in the predicated LPLR as the prices increase.Surprisingly the larger the field and higher the SP gives better LSP.<br>Two assumptions..(a) would it may be advisable to ignore all selections f/c below 1/1 and only use fields of 9+…(b)would it be advisable to only use selections quoted at 6/4+ in fields of 9+.<br>It will be very interesting to note Novs have already got me thinking about selecting horses quoted at less than Evens.Appreciate the effort Dave hopefully with a bit of fine tuning may be able to improve the overall situation.Struggling for winners so far this month but remove the f/c odds on and the damage is less.Hopefully a few winners are on the way.