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Hi Mr E,<br>Selections are worked out from the paper version of the RP.After discussions with other posters there is obviously a discrepancy between "paper RP" and "online RP".I havent a clue why but it has been pointed out a few times.The online version seems to leave out certain pieces of information,it makes the idea unworkable.I only use the paper version. I notice there was an odds on loser today Mr E,it was f/c at 5/4 but shortened to 1/2 the only way to have eliminated that was to have access to the live market or place the bet with a local bookie and stipulate "odds on-no bet".That may be a way forward.Just hope the idea can hold its own over the last 2 days of Nov,then an analysis.Thank goodness for Claymore,didnt it look impressive.

Hi Dave,<br>Ill look forward to your findings.there is always room for improvement.Lets see if further improvements can be made. <br>Cheers-kersly

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