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Thursday 28th Nov<br>Nat Hunt Non Hcp <br>2.35 Uttox-Claymore(6)..f/c 9/2……………..7 run…Won 5/1<br>1.50 Carlisle-Harrovian(5)..f/c 11/4…………9 run..Lost-Unp<br>12.35 Taunton-Spring Dawn(7)..f/c 11/4….14 run..Lost-2nd 5/1<br>1.05 Taunton-Gin Palace(7)..f/c 5/4…………14 run..Lost-2nd 1/2

A busy day it could help hopefully to the 20+ points for Nov..;) Famous last words. <br>_____________________________________________<br>Nat Hunt Hcp-reference only<br>2.45 Carlisle-Nemisto(5)..f/c 9/2…Lost-2nd 0/30

Hi Dave,Mr E,<br>Im afraid I dont have all the parameters required for your kind offer of results analysis.Im missing number of runners and f/c SP.<br>Ive tended to look for patterns in the type of races and note if a 4/5/6/7 qualifier made any difference,also was Postdata important.I could research the info required or alternatively start to record the required info each day from now on.It may be better to do that as then the f//c SP could also be recorded.Ill do the last few days over the weekend as I still have RPs.<br>Your interest is appreciated.

kersly <br>

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