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dave jay
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Hi Kersly and MrE,<br>I have been watching this debate with interest and may be able to assist.<br>I have written a program for assessing systems which would analyse all of the factors debated. If you wish I can run your system through it.

For the analysis to work I would need the following data:<br>1. Date<br>2. Race<br>3. Selection<br>4. No. of runners in race<br>5. SP<br>6. F-SP (optional)<br>7. Result<br>For example:<br>Date    Race   Selection  No. Run    SP    F-SP    Result<br>23/11   2.30        1             15       3/1     4/1        L<br>             3.00        2              8        7/1     9/1       L<br>24/11   1.00        3              5        2/1     6/4    W2/1  

To get a true picture a minimum of 100 races will be required, I normally build this over a period of time. I also have a program which will calculate the optimum staking plan against a series of results, this will also calculate your typical longest losing run.  

At your disposal.