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Hi Dave,<br>I restrict my betting to Non Hcps both Flat and Nat Hunt although I am recording Hcp qualifiers.

Using the RP paper version.<br>If you are prepared to accept both Postmark and Topspeed have some value the thinking is that a combination of both of them may produce a sufficient percentage of winners to produce a profit.

A selection must be top rated latest and adjusted by Postmark and Topspeed.There are four ratings the selection must have three of them.It must not be bettered by another horse in either latest or adjusted ratings.These are basic selections.For future reference I am noting if the horse is also the Postdata selection and also if it has the "best rating".<br>Todays selections;<br>1.20 Haydock-Sportsman is top" latest""best"and "adjusted" by Postmark also is top rated "latest"and "best"by Topspeed.No other horse surpasses these ratings.In this case it is not the Postdata selection.At the moment I ignore this.<br>3.20 Hayd-Gardor has 6 positives the one missing is"latest"topspeed.No other horse is higher in any of the ratings.

October showed a slight loss just over a point while September had a 30+ points profit.<br>The flat had a poor record in October,maybe take this into account in future.<br>So as you can see information is being built up.It may be that horses with 6/7 positives are the ones to concentrate on.<br>I now ignore horses quoted at less than 1/2 and more than 8/1.<br>Also building up information on the best type of races for this approach at the moment all non handicaps are considered,<br>Hope that helps.


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