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dave jay
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Darrel, thanks.<br>I’ve used this system on and off for about 3 years. It doesn’t go well at the start of the flat season, well maybe not until the beginning of September and then it’s okay ’til the end of the NH season.<br> <br>As for the odds-on shots, well, that’s a tough one. My opinion is that it’s all down to the way you bet.<br>

  • <br>
  • Staking Plan, odds-on are in.<br>
  • Multiples, odds-on are in.<br>
  • Cover to Win, odds-on are in but bet to a minimum divisor say calculate the stakes to say 6/4 and make a small loss on that betting run.<br>

<br>The problem with leaving odds-on out is that you might go for a week or so when only the odds-on shots win and as I am sure you know yourself many a good system has been thrown in the bin because of the losing runs.<br>But with this particular system there shouldn’t be too many odds-on shots, BF is a little against the crowd. <br>So, YES, odds-on are in. BUT handled with care.