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Nor, Train to Gain is the Governments latest attempt to close the yawning vocational qualification gap with our European partners.

As a nation, we are underskilled, underqualified and employers are comparatively phobic to providing vocational training to employees.  

The Racing Industry, on paper, is a repeat and consistent offender. I part wrote a labour market submission for Cambridgeshire and Suffolk before I was cruelly consigned to the nightmare of professional punting.  Stable staff are massively underqualified on paper as an occupational group.

For those WITH a higher qualification level than those listed, there are a small amount of NVQ Level III’s and IV’s available free of charge. But they must be in a Sector Specific discipline: (i.e. Food Distribution in the East Riding) and in areas of employee shortage.  

Interestingly, the Health and Social Care Industry is the worst national offender.  It seems that if you can push a wheelchair and cook stew, you can get a job in a Care Home and no-one particularly wants to back it up with a certificate.

All qualifications come with a high level of Basic Skills support; in terms of literacy and numeracy, England in particular is on a par with countries like Romania. This is a cause of much sniggering in the coffee bars of Brussels.