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Dear Mr E

Thank you for your observations.

Staking plans are great but it won’t be much assistance to me now, and I’ll explain why, but I will be posting results in sequence starting from November 1st.

I’m not able to be "in running" due to my present job.  This all started as a bit of amusement.  In July I was given 10 weeks notice of redundancy and put on "gardening leave" – not able to contact any of my customers and keep a low profile at home.  I still had my company car and phone, but it soon becomes tedious.  I was spending a lot of time on the phone job hunting, so the last thing I wanted to do was spend time on line, looking at racecards and stopping potential employers phoning up.  I used to go down to Uncle Bills and have a good read of the Racing Post and soak (choke?) up the atmosphere, and this little system just grew out of that.  Both August and September it actually showed me a profit on level stakes, probably more by luck than judgement   Plenty of bets!

My current job allows me to have an hours lunch and a good surf, but online betting is out.  What I thought I would do over the next few weeks is go back through the year for all the results; I can put them in order and also see if there is any pattern that would allow me to be more selective, which would be a different ball game.

Anyway, I’ll post Novembers results in sequence and report on the years results in the not too distant future.


Ian C

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