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Quote: from PaulB on 11:50 pm on Mar. 9, 2007[br]Hey Guys,

Looking for your help.

I placed a bet on Hardy Eustace when he bet Brave Inca at Leopardstown. I got him at 9/1 a few min before the race but when i was in the bookmakers(A Large Irish Firm) i also wanted to back him ante-post at 12/1 but only had €20 with me so i just put the two races in a double. As he won at 9/1 i was under the impression that i had €200 going on to him to win the Champion at 12/1, i was chuffed. But when speaking to a member of staff in the local bookmakers this week he told me that i would only have €200 on him at S.P as you can not place a double like this. I asked for my €200 to be given back to me but he said this was not possible as the bet still remains open.

What do i do?<br>

I’m surprised the bet was taken  in the first place. In my experience, bookies don’t take double bets of this nature. If you want to place a bet such as this, what happens is the manager will get on the phone and ask for one special price for the horse winning both races – yes, at odds less than the double would have paid.

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