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Hi Punters pal.<br>Welcome to the forum, theres a lot of great ideas for system betting on this forum and quite alot manage to show a profit.<br>My method seems to have struck gold on the first day, but it early days yet.<br>The first race last race favourite does seem to come in quite alot, especially if you try it over the jumps.<br>A little method i use to use over the jumps was to back the fav in the first race, and if it won i used to double my stake on the last race fav, check it out on past result and you will be amazed at some of the results.<br>Another simple method is to pick three meetings,and pick the first and last race favs in all three meetings and back them in doubles, thats 6 selections = 15 doubles @ 1/2 point each= 7.50 points, again you will be surprised how quick your profits build up. 2 winners will see you get your stake back and a profit depending on the prices.<br>Any way enjoy the forum, and hope you can join us with some of your methods.Ihope the two methods above have given you some ideas and hope you make a few bob along the way.

Catch you later.<br>Daz.:cheesy: