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Lovely Lady
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I quite enjoy reading people’s blogs providing they’re not too long and can tell me something I didn’t already know [not difficult…].

I’ve just had a quick rummage through yours [JP], and a couple of things stood out but don’t be alarmed, I’m just being picky in a friendly kind of way.

In the first line I wouldn’t quite put Star de Mohaison in the ”real superstar” bracket at this stage and possibly not Trabolgan either, good though he was but the other two could be regarded as such though, and further down and unconnected with racing is your piece on John Edwards.   Is he really going to trouble Hilary and Obama as you suggest ? slight favourite ?   I don’t dislike him but can’t seem him bothering the main two, I think he had his chance and I’m also surprised you left out the recent vitriolic attack on Edwards by a certain female loudmouth,  as Mr Edwards I thought rose above it admirably and this was worthy of comment.   Enhanced his reputation  the way he handled it.

Nicely written and presented  I must say on a variety of subjects which makes a change,  and you obviously enjoy honing your typing skills as well as your trading:)

As for Gavin’s [Invisible Layer above], as Artemis has said it wouldn’t be of great interest I don’t think to a lot of people as it mainly describes your betting patterns and results, something one can read on BF any day of the week, although I understand it helps you keep track of your trades. I prefer more variety personally but then again I doubt I’m the sort of person you’re aiming at and quite clearly I’m a ‘loser’ by your criteria…lol!   <br>Hope you’ve got over your flu.  I’ve had it to, like just about everyone else I know.

Warning !  if anyone post’s a link to a blog, it may only be me that reads it – sorry.  What else do us bored housewives do…?:biggrin: <br>