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dave jay
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Okay Robert,

The races shown are broken down as follows:<br>Race Date/Time, Type of Race and Number of Runners.<br>The horses shown beneath each race are the horses, which are on the short list with the three filters Betting Forecast, Class Evaluation and Consistency applied. This being broadly in line with the VDW literature.

This means that any subsequent selection procedure would be made from these horses in these races. I believe that this disproves the VDW method as a potential 80% strike rate system beyond any doubt.

As I said earlier on this thread, I believe that this is a system building tool and not a system in it’s own right. I think these results prove that to be correct also.

Obviously, you have research and ideas of your own, perhaps you could document them here.

If you want to build a system, I would gladly take your lead in that process. You could always PM me first for a private debate of how we should proceed.

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